TheHeelPillow™ – Heel Saver
TheHeelPillow™ – Heel Saver
TheHeelPillow™ – Heel Saver
TheHeelPillow™ – Heel Saver
TheHeelPillow™ – Heel Saver
TheHeelPillow™ – Heel Saver

TheHeelPillow™ – Heel Saver

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Stop killing your heels!

Are the shoes you love giving you blisters and soreness? You don’t have to stop wearing them. TheHeelPillow™ will give you all-day, blister-free comfort so you can keep your feet protected and healthy!

“Like a warm hug for your heels."

TheHeelPillow™ will turn those once-uncomfortable shoes into your everyday obsession – cushioning your heels and absorbing the potentially harmful impact of walking and standing too much. So you can rock those hot heels or cute flats without a worry – you’ll soon even forget you’re wearing them!

Stephanie used to struggle to wear heels for more than a couple hours due to constant discomfort. After trying TheHeelPillow™, she hasn't looked back! She now indulges in all the shoes she loves.

A Women's Essential.

Whether it’s an important business setting or a night out on the town, a woman’s shoes make a statement: she is powerful. She is put-together. So don’t let chafing and sliding prevent you from presenting yourself the way you deserve to.

How TheHeelPillow™ will improve your life:

☑️ PROTECTS YOUR SKIN – Prevents painful blisters and calluses; softens chafing and eliminates sliding.

☑️ ALL-DAY COMFORT – Absorbs sweat to keep your feet dry and cool all day long.

☑️ WORKS FOR ANY TYPE OF SHOE – High heels, flats, sneakers, boots, you name it… if it’s bothering your feet, TheHeelPillow™ can help.

☑️ KEEPS YOUR FEET HEALTHY – CloudAbsorption™ technology reduces impact and stress on both heel and sole.

☑️ NOW YOU CAN KEEP THOSE SHOES! – Never be forced to return that pair of shoes you’re in love with but that hurt your feet!

☑️ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – If you're not 100% satisfied with your new heel protectors after 30 days, we'll completely refund you. Simple as that.

Jen wears TheHeelPillow™ while running to help reduce harsh impact on her feet, keeping them healthy and less prone to injury.

How Sizing Works:

TheHeelPillow™ comes in one starting size – to eliminate complications of ordering the wrong size. Before use, simply cut to your desired size using the handy sizing lines on the top and bottom of the insole.

  • One size fits all

  • Reduces shoe size fit by about 1/4-size

  • Stops your foot slipping/sliding in the shoe, preventing injuries that lead to chronic pain

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